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Infinite Nomad – Intrusion


TheSuperCoda writes:

Yes, this music hurts. Not as in “only a flesh wound” but falling off a balance beam onto burning astroturf. The burn is incessant. The image is uncanny. This is truly marvelous but if you can’t catch the momentum you won’t get it […] This album recalls that we have to keep fighting and it’s gnarly and discordant, the process. How will you get through it otherwise? Matter isn’t kind.

StrangeReviews writes:

The opening Silent Crater […] gives you a slight uncomfortable feeling, like there’s something wicked on the way. And it surely is, as the dense and dissonant guitar patterns of the following Iron Compound are crushing you without mercy. The guitars sound like tuned down to the deepest point of a black hole and the way they play the dissonant chords and low-ends reminds me of math metal bands like Car Bomb and Ion Dissonance. […] The ultra heavy walls of dissonance, that are rich in sound patterns of electric guitars and zither, are paused by modest and quiet songs for classical instruments.

Mathcore Index writes:

savant blend of modern classical, math/abstract/art metal grindcore, microtonal, soundscape and Patterns, dissonant and contemporary elements! seriously some fascinating and extremely well done experimentation there …

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